Middleton/Madison Location:
2325 Pinehurst Drive / Middleton, WI 53562
Phone: 608-845-1799
Janesville (Main Office) Location:
4704 Drott Dr / Janesville, WI 53546
Phone: 608-755-9590
Billing Payments:
PO Box 1670
Janesville, WI 53547
Delavan Location:
5013 State Road 50 Delavan, WI 53115
Phone: 262-245-5999

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I move in?
If a unit is available, once our staff has been given the proper contact and payment information and the lease is signed, you can move in immediately.
Is there a lease?
Yes, it is a month-to-month lease.
Do you require a notice when I leave?
Yes, we require a 30-day notice when you leave.
Who provides the lock?
We have a one-time administrative fee upon move in that includes a high security lock, you keep the lock when you leave.
Are there any other regular monthly fees besides the monthly rent?
What forms of payment do you accept?
Checks, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We do NOT accept Cash.
How do I make my payment?
All payments go through our Janesville Office. Therefore, Credit/Debit cards are the most convenient form of payment. You may make payments over the phone or have your payments automatically deducted from your debit/credit card. Checks and Money Orders can be dropped off at our Janesville Office, or mailed to: B&J Storage PO Box 1670, Janesville WI 53547.
Do you sell packing supplies?
No we do not.
Are the contents of my storage unit insured?
No. Please check with your insurance agent to see if your homeowner's or renter's policy will cover the contents.
Are there any items I am NOT allowed to store?
Yes. Food, explosives, flammable liquids in open containers.
Do you have a problem with mice?
All storage has the potential for mice given the right circumstances. Generally, though it is not a problem. Tenants are welcome to put any type of mouse prevention in their unit. In addition to pest control, using dryer softener sheets helps in repelling mice and bugs, plus has the added benefit of making things smell nice.