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Storage Tips

  • With change in temperatures, concrete will sweat forming condensation. Therefore, to protect your belongings, place boards or pallets on floor of storage, then place storage items on top
  • To allow for air circulation, leave a small space between your items and the walls of the storage unit
  • To utilize your space efficiently, use uniform boxes or totes for easy stacking
  • Place heavier boxes/totes on the bottom/lighter on top, making sure to mark fragile items appropriately
  • Plastic totes with secure lids are a good choice for items that are sensitive to humidity such as pictures, fabrics, books etc.
  • Pack all breakable items individually in paper or bubble wrap
  • Label and arrange items according to ease of access and allow a small aisle to reach items in the back
  • Cover exposed items such as furniture, mattress, lamps etc. Be careful when using plastic to cover as it can promote moisture and cause mold/mildew or rust
  • To help prevent metal items from rusting wipe with machine oil before storing
  • For framed pictures, artwork and mirrors: wrap in cardboard, then bubble wrap and store vertically
  • Any items that can be broken down to store flatter should be (ex. dining room table, remove legs)
  • Store Motor Vehicles with full fuel tanks. Store Non-Motor Vehicles with drained fuel tanks. Only vehicles with sealed fuel tanks can be stored without draining
  • DO NOT Store: Food or perishable items, explosives or combustible items in an open container (paint thinner, gasoline, paint, solvents etc.)
  • Insurance: Make sure to let your insurance company know that you are renting a storage unit. Your renter’s or homeowner’s policy may cover it, if it does not you may need to look into purchasing storage insurance
  • To Repel Bugs/Mice: Plastic totes do a good job of keeping most of these critters out, however, additional measures such as d-con in the storage unit and fabric softener dryer sheets put in and around containers /fabric furniture add another layer of protection
  • Inventory Your Items: Either with a written list, camera or video camera and keep in safe place

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